Monday, March 14, 2016


What monster roars outside the house? Hissing and whistling through the cracks? Rattling the door and windows? Unseen even in the afternoon sunlight as it growls and howls? Vandalizing the neighborhood with its dominance? Ripping apart the barren branches of the trees as they struggle against the onslaught? Sending the refuse of life, flotsam and jetsam, and remnants of weaker dwellings cart wheeling through the air?  No gentle breeze, rather an explosion of strength threatening to sweep the landscape clean. There is no comfort, no security in hiding inside.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Listen to the Outside Tonight

Listen… listen to the outside tonight
Hear the rain, the patter of drops scattered across the landscape
Hear the drops gathering in the gutters and swarming down the spouts
Inhale the aroma… the aroma of fresh and new
Fill your lungs with it, the freshness, the clean fragrances
Feel the cool breeze… feel the air coming from the window
Let it blanket you, throw off the sheet and let it cover your body
Summer night’s rain, calm and caressing
Bringing on the dreams, the soft remembrances and touches
Drift away in the arms of the night
Listen… listen to the outside tonight...