Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To My Valentine

Sitting here looking out the front window alone on this valentine evening I have been rummaging through my mind and memories of love that I once shared with someone. No matter who or where my thoughts take me I seem to always return to one place, one person. If I could have her for my valentine today I would share this with her - again. It’s something I wrote to her with all of heart and soul, yet it was lost somehow.
I've been trying to figure out what "it" is about you that has me so enthralled, so captivated in such a short period of time. I have a mental list about a mile long of things about you, that you do, that you are... I finally decided what it is... "It" is not one thing or two things..."it" is YOU! It's not a list of many attributes - it's the sum of all of them put together.
"It" is the way you make feel when I'm around you. So secure, so comfortable. I am able to tell you things that I would never share with anyone else. There is no feeling of vulnerability... I feel like I can talk to you, tell you everything and anything. I have never spent as much time talking with anyone about me and my feelings - and you let me. You listen, you respond, you react and you share along with me. I have never experienced that before.
"It" is you... you are beautiful to me. You have all the right parts in all the right places. From your sparkling eyes to your lovely ankles! You excite me whenever I see you! That trademark smile and expressive eyes, I melt inside every time you share them with me.
I want to reach out and touch you at every possible moment. Just to place my hands on your shoulders, put my hand in yours; lightly caress your soft skin. It sends shivers throughout me that are multiplied a thousand times when YOU touch ME. There is warmth, a surge of electricity when we touch that I have not felt before with anyone else.
You have a sparkle, a vitality about you that sweeps me up. I feel your energy, your enthusiasm and you take me with you. I love to hear your voice, whether it's over the phone or from you sitting next to me. It is so comforting, so lyrical sometimes.
I have never been so totally engaged by anyone before in my life. You make my day when I can talk to you, when I can see you smile, when I can hold your hand, when I can kiss you. I am so completely enthralled by you... Not by this or that... by "you", you are "it".
I have never been as happy, I have never been as excited about being with someone, about sharing with someone. I have never looked forward to tomorrow the way I do now, because of you! No one has ever done to me what you have done!
"You" ARE "it".....
I feel so fortunate to have found you, to have shared with you, to have had the opportunity for you to be a part of me, a part of my life...
There are no words to express it... I could write a hundred stories and never be able to convey what I'm feeling... I must rely on a single word, just four letters that I hope have as much of an impact for you as they have for me... I love you! Believe me, I do. I have never been so sincere, so ardent, so definite, so confident about anything...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Try This!

                I was sitting here looking out the front window into the night and I realized that Valentine’s Day is getting close. I know a lot of guys that are not quite adept at writing as they could be – especially when it comes to things like feelings and emotions. Some struggle terribly just finding and signing a card. So just for fun I thought I’d throw out a few ideas, suggestions I guess. 
                But first a few pointers; number one – don’t text, don’t email, don’t type. No matter how sloppy your handwriting something written in your own hand carries far more weight than any typeset. If you have to send it electronically write it down and scan it. Second it shouldn’t be written on a grocery store card or office copy paper – pick up some nice stationery – you know like the stuff you were supposed to write thank you notes on for your (pick one) birthday, Christmas or wedding gifts. You could make it even more interesting by choosing something that’s colored. Try neon, maybe pastels – you might even get something manly… a dark tan or blue or burgundy. NO borders!

                Now take some time to actually think about what makes her special to you. What does she do that no one else has ever done – to you, for you, with you? Things like:

You come with the quiet moments or the last few minutes before sleep, sometimes in the hurrying of day to day life. You burst into my thoughts at any time and from any direction.

My hands ache to hold you to caress, poke, tickle or just a give you a fleeting touch on the hand or shoulder

I love to hear the words you speak, your classic laugh, groan of mock resistance or sighs of pleasure and fast paced breath.

I can close my eyes and paper the walls of my mind with the glow of your smile

Deep inside of me is a place, a place touched only by you, full of the warmth from our journey through life, from forever lasting memories of us together and the endless possibilities to come.

My thoughts of you bring out the fullness and depth of my love for you, this is how it’s been, how it is now and will continue to be.

Won’t you be my valentine?

                So it doesn’t sound like you? IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO! This is a special day, a day when you reach down deep inside and proclaim your love for her. Tell her how special she is! Throw in a description of that one special time or the first time or the last time!

                Hmmm, actually I think a man in love with a woman, truly in love, should treat everyday – well almost every day as Valentine’s Day. I’m not talking about chocolates and diamonds. How many times did you tell her you loved her today? Took her hand in yours just to hold? Gave her a hug? Gave her your smile? Shared her burdens? Really listened to what she had to say?

                Enuf soap box… Hope ya have a great Valentine’s Day! Wonder how many ladies will read this and use an idea or two?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday morning Out the Front Window

It’s nearly the middle of the morning, brilliant sunshine and pale blue skies have brought on the day. Lost in the morning activities the changes outside catch your eye; it’s time to relax for a few moments and gaze out the front window. The thick blanket of white that covers the front yard is beginning to sink to the contour of the earth.

The grayish planks of the front walk are dry; the tumbled stacks of snow along its edges seem to guard the corridors of passage. Icicles hanging from the eves reflect the sun from their frozen crystal shapes while a constant flow of droplets begin to fall from their sharp tips.

The air is clean, crisp, no longer the harsh stinging cold that revealed your breath hours earlier. The radiance of the sun warms the south facing surfaces while the shadows hold on to the chill of the winter day.

Images of winters long gone by slip silently into your mind. Snow ball fights with your brothers, lopsided snowmen sentinels built with leather mittens, ruddy red cheeks and dripping noses, admonishments for tracking snow across the carpet. The acrid flavor of your coffee momentarily changes to a sweet chocolate taste. The urge to abandon the morning chores and step outside to play grows inside; soon to be subdued by more mature impulses.

Turning from the window you leave the enticements behind with a shrug, in favor of more noble behavior…