Monday, February 6, 2012

Try This!

                I was sitting here looking out the front window into the night and I realized that Valentine’s Day is getting close. I know a lot of guys that are not quite adept at writing as they could be – especially when it comes to things like feelings and emotions. Some struggle terribly just finding and signing a card. So just for fun I thought I’d throw out a few ideas, suggestions I guess. 
                But first a few pointers; number one – don’t text, don’t email, don’t type. No matter how sloppy your handwriting something written in your own hand carries far more weight than any typeset. If you have to send it electronically write it down and scan it. Second it shouldn’t be written on a grocery store card or office copy paper – pick up some nice stationery – you know like the stuff you were supposed to write thank you notes on for your (pick one) birthday, Christmas or wedding gifts. You could make it even more interesting by choosing something that’s colored. Try neon, maybe pastels – you might even get something manly… a dark tan or blue or burgundy. NO borders!

                Now take some time to actually think about what makes her special to you. What does she do that no one else has ever done – to you, for you, with you? Things like:

You come with the quiet moments or the last few minutes before sleep, sometimes in the hurrying of day to day life. You burst into my thoughts at any time and from any direction.

My hands ache to hold you to caress, poke, tickle or just a give you a fleeting touch on the hand or shoulder

I love to hear the words you speak, your classic laugh, groan of mock resistance or sighs of pleasure and fast paced breath.

I can close my eyes and paper the walls of my mind with the glow of your smile

Deep inside of me is a place, a place touched only by you, full of the warmth from our journey through life, from forever lasting memories of us together and the endless possibilities to come.

My thoughts of you bring out the fullness and depth of my love for you, this is how it’s been, how it is now and will continue to be.

Won’t you be my valentine?

                So it doesn’t sound like you? IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO! This is a special day, a day when you reach down deep inside and proclaim your love for her. Tell her how special she is! Throw in a description of that one special time or the first time or the last time!

                Hmmm, actually I think a man in love with a woman, truly in love, should treat everyday – well almost every day as Valentine’s Day. I’m not talking about chocolates and diamonds. How many times did you tell her you loved her today? Took her hand in yours just to hold? Gave her a hug? Gave her your smile? Shared her burdens? Really listened to what she had to say?

                Enuf soap box… Hope ya have a great Valentine’s Day! Wonder how many ladies will read this and use an idea or two?

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