Saturday, November 22, 2014


I know too well the darkness that I see and feel
I know the comfort that it brings to me
The isolation, the loneliness that seals me away
Yet I long for the sunshine, its brilliance and warmth
Its energy that I lack.
Dare I step from the shadows into the light?
So many things to be done along that path
Can I, do I have the strength to see them done
Would someone reach out, no, it is mine
My track to take, my footprints to make
Put the darkness behind me one last time
Deep inside I sense it will be a fruitless attempt
I know the light dies and darkness returns
I will begin again to struggle to wrench myself from its cloak
Again and again and again
But I will rise against it time after time
If only to see the light in the distance and dream of its embrace
To imagine the passion it holds for my being and soul
Tomorrow, tomorrow is my day, my chance

For now I will lay in the darkness hoping for that tomorrow…

Sunday, November 16, 2014

November Morning

Brilliant bright blue skies on this November morning filtering in the front window,
Illuminating the flecks of life tossed into the air from the billowing furnace grate,

Passing through the streams of energy you feel its radiance, the warmth that you've missed lately,
Pausing to draw the chair from the shadow into the spotlight, sit for a moment or two,
Enjoy the warm rays that seem to penetrate deep inside so quickly,
Out the window the blinding expanse of white crystals washes the world away,

Closing your eyes and clearing your mind for just a moment you steal from the day’s chores,
Only to be drawn back into reality by the empty cup in your hands,
Slipping from the chair you move on with a wry smile,

Glad you stopped - if even for just a few moments…