Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day 2018

Hidden in the depths of memories are a few shafts of light
Sharing a single source, like the points in the night,
Building snowmen armies guarding forts from assaults,
Pencil on paper, checking the math to be sure it’s right,
Guiding hands on tools and toys, neck ties and gear shifts,
Curve balls and fish hooks, shoe shines and shaving cream,
All lessons learned by young hands and mind,
Actions and attitudes established and refined,
Always with love and a firm hand from time to time,
Always an example, a model for life and living,
Struggling and sweating, not always winning,
Thank you for giving so much for so long,
For sharing your weaknesses yet remaining so strong,
Not a day passes that you’re not on my mind,
Happy Father’s Day Pop, it was a great ride…

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