Saturday, December 23, 2017

Dusk Approaches

Cool grays own the sky now, replacing the brilliance and deep blue of the day,
Dusk approaches, drifting on the light breeze whispering through the leaves,
The delicate aroma of rain floats in the open windows as a stillness grasps the neighborhood,
Out on the front porch the cool gentle caresses of air drive away the day’s sticky grit,
Spent stems of last week’s bright colors bend to the delicate gusts as a tranquil volley of rain drops begin,
Not the harsh rush of other storms, unannounced by tirades of thunder and jagged light
A simple, placid, serene descent envelopes the front yard,
Slowly working its way to the earth only to disappear - leaving not a trace,
As the perfume of damp earth and concrete begin to permeate the air it comes to a close,
Now just the cool breeze and the darkening skies hint at this day’s end,
Subtle grays give way to light oranges and reds and pastel pinks thrown from the western horizon across the sky,
Let me revel in this moment, let me carry it with me for just a short while, let it become my memory of this day,
Ending in solace and contentment, far from its stress and distress, a smile, relief as the sun dips slowly behind the mountains..

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