Monday, February 13, 2017

Daylight is Waning

The daylight is waning; the perception of warmth is dying with it
Stalactites seem to hang precariously from the edge of the roof
Their incessant dripping halted for the next few hours of darkness
While the craters in the snow beneath them form crystallized cups
Eager to hold the next day’s catch, liquefied by the sun’s radiance
Snow still covers the ground, now in a dusky yellow-grey color
Mimicking the diluted palate that veils the western edge of the sky
The dark scraggy branches of the trees dissolve into the murkiness above
Soon points of light begin to appear scattered loosely across the heavens
Then filling the void between them countless smaller specks come alive
The night sky glimmers and glitters like snowflakes in the moonlight 
Turning from the front window the flickering candle flames replace the stars
Filling the room with fragrances of pine and cinnamon while whips of smoke dance into the air
Warming the darkening room for a short time…

Friday, February 10, 2017

Nature's Voice

Constant is her tone today, filling the background with rushing breath
Playing the branches, wires, eves and vents, creating voices that fill the air
Finding the cracks n crevices n holes, stealing her way inside where she can
Raising plumes of dusty specks in shafts of the powerless winter sunlight
Humming a constant tune, droning on throughout the day, never ending
Rising to an untimed crescendo now and then, trading purrs for growls or roars
Articulating her strength, her power, her omnificence over her kingdom
Scattering the remnants of summer’s death alongside the flotsam of mankind
Only to return to the invariable monotonous near silent eolian hum
Eventually dissipating along with the daylight,
Relieving the anxiety and strain caused by her song,
Turning invisible and silent once again. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Would you come dance?

Would you come dance with me? Let me take your hand and lead you onto the floor, cradle your body in my arm and pull you close. Let the music take you over as we sway and step to its rhythm.

Would you come dance with me? Feel my body close to yours, hear my whispers of how beautiful you are, and fill my lungs with your sweet perfume, lay your head upon my shoulder as we glide ever so slowly to the music.

Would you come dance with me? Our bodies melted together as one, our hearts beating the same rhythm, your dress flowing in the wake of a spin, your dimples framing your smile as I dip you so delicately and bring you back to me.

Would you come dance with me? My lips gently touching your bare shoulder as the music begins to fade, one last pass around the floor, my arm holding you as I lead your body’s movements, my hand squeezing yours ever so tight.

Would you come dance with me? As the music finally dies, a soft kiss on your lips, a hesitant separation and a glance of blue sparkle from your eyes, as I drop your hand from mine. Would you?

Would you come dance with me?