Friday, February 10, 2017

Nature's Voice

Constant is her tone today, filling the background with rushing breath
Playing the branches, wires, eves and vents, creating voices that fill the air
Finding the cracks n crevices n holes, stealing her way inside where she can
Raising plumes of dusty specks in shafts of the powerless winter sunlight
Humming a constant tune, droning on throughout the day, never ending
Rising to an untimed crescendo now and then, trading purrs for growls or roars
Articulating her strength, her power, her omnificence over her kingdom
Scattering the remnants of summer’s death alongside the flotsam of mankind
Only to return to the invariable monotonous near silent eolian hum
Eventually dissipating along with the daylight,
Relieving the anxiety and strain caused by her song,
Turning invisible and silent once again. 

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