Sunday, June 17, 2012

I miss you Dad!

I miss you Dad!

I miss your calloused hands that held mine and led me along life’s path,

Your arms that pulled me close to share your strength,

That sideways glance that said, “I’m here if you need me.”

I miss the smell of your after shave in the bathroom each morning,

That smack on the back of the head that said you screwed up – but its okay,

The sound of your laughter that would fill the room,

I miss your acknowledgement of something done well,

Your encouragement to try again after I struck out,

Admitting that you couldn’t have done better when I know you could and had,

I miss the times we talked – man to man,

When you shared your fears with me,

The rare occasions when I could lend my strength to you,

I miss you Dad,

I wish I’d told you a thousand – no – a million times more that I love you!

I wish…

Happy Father's Day...

I remember all the hours you spent playing catch with us and helping out at practices and games.

The broad smile on your face the day you helped me buy my first car.

How well you always treated my friends no matter who they were or how they looked.

The strength you showed when I left for Vietnam.

How proud you were the day I graduated from college.

The miles you jogged at the health center to stay in shape at 60.

How hard you fought your cancer and won... for a while.

I remember the last few days, the last hug and hand shake..

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