Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Autumn, season of change

Gone are the garish colors of full summer blossoms, deepened greens of squat shrubs, sculptured lawns and statuesque trees, brilliant blues of hot afternoon skies with billowing clouds reaching ever upward before exploding into rumbling sounds, waves of rainfall and jagged shafts of raw energy. Days filled with vigor that comes with the morning sun and chores to be done, nights under blankets of stars accompanied by crickets and cicadas on simple cooling breezes.
Now autumn has come, the spectrum shifts from summer’s calamity of colors to more subdued shades of reds and oranges and browns. Deep sky blues flatten to washed out hues, high flying swells of clouds collapse, changing from radiant whites to dull grays that scatter across the sky blocking what little energy there is from the sun’s radiance. Mornings begin to come in the dark and cold, enticing you to linger beneath the comforter’s warmth and even though the evening stars still fill the sky now somehow they seem just a part of a cold dark abyss.
As nature’s best are scattered across the landscape in monotonous shades of brown and tan hints of another change begin. Another shift in the palette to stark contrasts of deep indigo, black, pale grays and whites to come. Yet there are days when summer strikes back, but lacking the energy of months past they waste away with little impact.

Autumn, season of change. 

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