Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Memory

Missing the warmth of Thanksgivings passed, I close my eyes;
See my grandmother at the stove making the best gravy ever,
Smell the rich aromas filling the house – roast turkey & bread & stuffing & more,
Feel the shiny smooth finish and weight of the “good” silverware as I help set the table so I can
Steal small handfuls of black olives, garlic pickles and baby corn when no one’s looking,
Gathering at the table in anticipation we all know what the prayer will be,
 I bow my head and squeezing my eyes shut tightly repeating my father’s words silently in my mind as we hold hands around the table;
“Thank you God, for all the blessings our family and friends enjoy and for those you have given to others.”
Hearing my twin brother laugh I open my eyes as he takes “dibs” on one of the turkey legs,
I pass on the cranberries in favor crisp marshmallows and caramel syrup covering the sweet potatoes,
Relishing the chance to have more than a taste of my Uncle’s dark red homemade wine I clean my plate,
Great memories to be thankful for…

Yes, thank you God for all the blessings I and my friends have enjoyed, and for those you have given to others.

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