Sunday, November 17, 2013

What's a blog? Something to do between wash cycles...

Ha, no more dull dark background... pretty spiffy.. Maybe I'll come back more often?!?LOL
Sunday morning sunshine out the front window - what happened to the hurricane winds and swirling snow flakes that had everybody so traumatized for poor Peyton this evening? Of course, turn your head around here and the weather WILL change. Hmm that's enuf about football.

Soooooo what next?!? What is a blog supposed to be - err more important what's "MY" blog supposed to be? The older posts were literary delights to stimulate the senses, emotional expressions to twist the heart strings or dramatic descriptions of life changing events that I happened to put down on paper - err screen err monitor. Not necessarily to share or broadcast across the electron highway - more often than not what would have been a few scribbles on coffee - err whiskey stained scraps of paper kept hidden away and viewed occasionally for my own edification. An I would expect that will continue to be the case.

But shouldn't this be more? Maybe I should post a weekly summary of - nah that's what folks do on Facebook. Maybe share a recipe or two - nah that's what folks do on Facebook. Maybe champion a political candidate or cause - nah that's what folks do on Facebook. Ha... I know...I'll express my 2 - errr cents worth of... hmmm Wheres the damn cent sign? It should be out here on my keyboard not relegated to some innocuous hidden table, buried with the all those scientific symbols that no one really knows what they mean and don't use - kinda like that stuff you learned in high school physics. Hmmm the poor penny sign has lost it's significance - I guess nobody was using it on Facebook.

Oh crap, the washing machine is hungry - gotta go feed it a couple more socks n some change...

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