Saturday, January 7, 2012


On the edge of consciousness I hear the rumble of thunder,
Pulling the sheet and blanket up for protection
I drift back into unconsciousness to dream again…
I’m running as the thunder gets louder, closer,
In a dark jungle, wet abrasive leaves tear at my face,
It's so close, so loud, I fall
Something, someone lands on top of me,
Holding me down they begin digging in to the exposed flesh of my arm,
It's standing above me now,
The sound is deafening as I feel an icy hot probe enter my ear...
No! No! No!
Finally startled awake, I’m safe! Yes, I'm ALIVE! 

The purring cat wanders away across the bed...
Her job done as I roll onto my feet and stumble to the door to let her out....

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