Thursday, January 5, 2012

Endure the Agony

Endure the agony of hours spent alone, no one to touch, and no one to embrace 

Suffer through the fear, never to know love again, to be empty inside – forever 

Bear your weaknesses, I can’t tell her, I shouldn’t say anything, I’m not good enough 

Continue the hopelessness, I’m not wanted, no one cares 

Dwell on the should have, the could have, the missed opportunities 

Descend deeper into the abyss, darker, deeper, and lonelier  

Perpetually self fulfilling  

Stop, end it 

Step out into the light 

Take control, break the cycle 

Tomorrow, No today – now! 

How… I’ve forgotten how…. Help me? 

Who is that shadow at the door? Standing there? 

Is it?  No, it is only loneliness, and loneliness waits 

Reaching out its hand, beckoning from the darkness

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