Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter Wind

The rush of the wind engulfs the house, window panes rattle as the invisible assault grows stronger. The last few remnants of summer are sent swirling from now barren branches through the cold air. Ominous shadows of sharp slender fingers dance across the ground beneath the street light as tree limbs tremble in the gusts. Leaves and branches clatter over the roof in the darkness adding to the anxiety of the night.

The sounds outside build in rolling crescendos scattering nature’s debris against the brick and mortar, sounding like a barrage of lethal pellets. And then silence for a few moments until another raucous wave attacks. Over and over it repeats the cycle, seeming to never have an end. Rumbling and reverberating around the house. As you search out the front window it is indistinguishable, unseen as it batters the walls of the structure.

 An air of uneasiness fills the room; apprehension about the strength of your sanctuary grows. The domination, the power seems over whelming. The inability to influence, to affect any change or moderation gives rise to increased trepidation. Forced to listen again and again as it over takes the house. Nowhere to hide? No secure corner?

          Time to pull the comforter close and tight, a shroud of warmth and security that will hopefully see you safely through the blustery night - to meet the dawn as it breaks still and quiet.

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