Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Morning Chill

Morning's sun has given way to grey quilted skies, cold bitter air and the graceful dance of snowflakes drifting to earth. One look out the window brings thoughts of returning to the warm clutches of the comforter you've just abandoned in favor of beginning the daily chores. Too late, you're committed to begin the day.

You force down a sip or two of the bitter flavor and stale aroma of the last cup of yesterday's coffee waiting patiently for a fresher brew. Forced air surrounds you with musty warmth as you watch the delicate feathers of frost begin to reach across the cold window glass. Reaching out to the frozen surface you drag your fingernail through the thin crystalline layer, remembering winter mornings decades ago.

Mesmerized by the ever increasing numbers and size of the frozen flecks of moisture being driven to the ground by the ever present wind the window seems to disappear. Suddenly you feel the bitterness of the cold air, the bite of the wind and the stinging crystals on your face. Your body shivers and abruptly you’re brought back to the reality of watching a December’s wintery morning from inside. Shaking off the trance it’s time to meet the day and the chores to be accomplished.

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