Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Resolution

It’s that time of year – the end! Time for most people to reflect on what’s happened in their life over the last 12 months. Time for them to resolve to do better, or more, or less in the coming year and make a list of those resolutions. I wrote something a while back about birthdays to a friend of mine that I think is just as fitting for the New Year.

After a certain time of life some people look at the New Year as not so much about recognizing their experiences over the past year as having just “survived” another one. They take stock of their present situation and measure it against some scale or against their friends’ or against the dreams they’ve held on to over the past year. Most come up short, seeing only the material things or lack of them.

I think that New Year's is the time to look inside; how have you grown over the last year? Did you learn new things, meet new people, celebrate each day? What experiences have you had that you can keep as cherished memories? What do you know about yourself today that you didn’t know a year ago; good or bad? What or who made a difference in your life? What have you accomplished that no one, not even you took the time to pat yourself on the back for achieving? Look at the small things that happened each day – they’re what life is made of – not just the “big” events. Heck, just staying healthy, working your job or keeping a close friend can be a major achievement! What brought a smile to your face? Have you kept in touch with friends – your real friends? Did you step out of your way to help someone, do something that made you feel good, feel alive, feel a part of the world around you?

It’s also the time to look ahead… What do you want to do that you haven’t? What’s new in the world around you that you could or should learn more about? Add to your life’s experience; enrich it in as many ways as you can! Plan to enjoy every day of the coming year to its fullest. Sure it may not happen each and every day, but if you don’t plan for it, it certainly won’t happen. Plan time for YOU! Dream a little – not little dreams – they have no power. Use your imagination, envision the most great and glorious happenings, in them is the foundation for creating your reality. And then do what you can to make them happen!

Celebrate the coming New Year not by counting the past year of lost promises and opportunities. Celebrate it like the day you were born – the day that you had a seemingly immeasurable number of days ahead of you as a gift, a gift of time. Each day’s sunrise after that first one continues to give you that gift – no matter how many have passed. Each new day presents that opportunity for you to grow; in mind, in body, in spirit! So resolve to enjoy each day and look forward to the potential of enjoying a whole year full of new days!

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