Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August night

The sky is dark with the night coming on quickly
The summer sunset is blocked by an invading cloud mass
Cracking and rolling across the sky the thunder announces the storm's presence
Accentuated by the flashes of electric blue randomly igniting the sky here and there
Reaching to ground in violent streaks of light and power
As the low guttural sounds crack and rumble the drops begin to fall
Slowly at first then in a torrent seemingly to escape the unsettled sky
To seek the apparent safety of the earth
Filling the gutters from the roof tops to finally melt away into the parched ground
Or drain from the hardened surfaces in panicked rivulets
The air is cold as it moves through the open front windows
Fresh, filled with the smell of the earth and electrified air
As quickly as the tempest erupted it subsides
The occasional roar has diminished to a quieted din off in the distance
Leaving behind a cool, fresh darkness meant for sleeping...

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