Friday, August 29, 2014

Come back to me

In the dark of the night alone,
Wanting, wishing… could you join me - here by my side?
Would you let me take your hand in mine?
Can you feel what I do just from my touch?
You are my savior, my muse, my love, my friend
You take the darkness from my soul, the tension from my being
You give me solace just by your glance, your smile
Your presence wraps around me like a fine down comforter
Memories of your soft touch, your sweet delicate scent envelope me
I want to touch your mind, your soul like you have touched mine
To whisper the words, to be the music, to be the gentle rain
That reaches deep inside of you the way you have done to me
Come back to me, come sit beside me
Let me take your hand in mine
In the dark of the night alone

I die again…

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