Monday, August 18, 2014

Spring Evening

Sitting out on the front porch gathering in the spring evening
The suns nearly down and the powdery blue sky begins to dim
There’s a slight caress of cool refreshing air helping to bring on the night
The cat daintily steps through spring’s promising foliage
Crouching now and then to pounce on an invisible foe
By now the sky has deepened in color
Beginning to reveal widely scattered muted points of light
The outline of the trees against the sky disappears
Night has arrived in its fullness
Cloaking the earth in serene shades of black
Here and there the hushed stars of a few moments ago surge in intensity
It is their sky tonight, the moon hidden away in the shadow of the earth
Long before their full presence can be seen time has grown short
Tomorrow pushes me from my front row seat
Perhaps I’ll see the full display another night…

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